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Unfortunately, all events from March 2020 to December 2020 have been cancelled due to COVID-19. Until restrictions are lifted, there are no scheduled 2021 events at this time.

But please subscribe to the website to keep in touch with Carpathia's sports events, patio bar, and small group opportunities. And please consider donating to the club to help us keep afloat during this stressful time. We appreciate your interest, support and friendship. 

Carpathia Club 2020 Events

Jan 26:     Choir Card Party

Feb 8:       Kings Ball with Youth Group

Feb 16:     Annual Membership Meeting

Feb 23:     Kinderfasching Children's Masquerade

Mar 15:     Ladies Group Card Party

Mar 17:     Irish Show on St. Patrick's Day

Mar 21:     Jäger 50th Anniversary 

May 3:       Blasmusikanten Concert

May 10:     Mother’s Day Brunch

May 17:     Ladies Card Party

June 7:      Café Concert

Aug 14:     Hungarian Dance Group

Aug 21, 22, 23:   German Summer Fest - see page

Sept 18:     Oktoberfest

Sept 27:     Semi Annual Membership Meeting

Oct 9:        Oktoberfest

Oct 17:      Youth Group Hawaiian Night 

Oct 21:      Fashion Show

Nov 1:       Senior Card Party

Nov 14:     Kirchweih

Dec 12:     Carpathia Kickers Banquet

Dec 20:     Member’s Christmas Party

Select Fridays:  The Best Fish Fry in Town - see page

Local Community Events

Carpathia Club is friends with other German clubs, ethnic clubs, and community organizations. Check out all their upcoming events!

We are happy to support our neighbors! To add a local community event, please contact us at

Kipfel Carpathia Homemade

As a non-profit, Carpathia Club appreciates and relies on your dues and donations - they are the primary part of our income. Your donations keep this hall open, and that is so important. Why? Because presence deepens friendships. Carpathia Club is where we can meet and talk, play sports, host events and spend time together. Thank you for your continued financial support. 

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