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Celebrating 100 Years in Metro Detroit


Sport, Tradition, Food, Friendship - One club, many ways to connect.
Donauschwaben Tracht
Donauschwaben Tracht

From choir to more

Carpathia Club is a non-profit German and Danube Swabian cultural organization established in 1913, so we've been part of Metro Detroit for over 100 years! We are a family-oriented cultural club that welcomes everyone. In today's digital world, it's nice to have a place to meet and get to know each other.


Started as the Carpathia Choir (Carpathia Singing Society), the club has grown to include a variety of interests including folk dance groups, soccer, sportsmens group, brass musicians, German school, ladies group, groups for seniors - and the club still has an excellent choir.

We're your neighbor

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Whether to attend an event or to join a group, you're invited. All of Carpathia Club events and sports are open to the public. Everyone is welcome!


Carpathia Club offers free soccer clinics and camps. We have free Jäger Youth Outdoor days in conjunction with Cabela's. We host food donations, blood drives, and charitable outreach programs each year. 


We are more than a club. Carpathia Club is a good neighbor to the local community. 


The Danube Schwabian, or "Donauschwaben," culture is based on its German foundation, but it also has its own unique traditions and values which are seen in the club to this day. 


Folk dances, songs, recipes and stories from grandparents and great-grandparents are happily shared. People are remembered. Friendships are deepened. Traditions like wearing rosemary at Kirchweih and values like commitment to family are the living history of the Carpathia Club.

Carpathia Homemade Kipfel
Carpathia Kickers Soccer
Oktoberfest friends
Carpathia Jäger
German Brass Band

Presence deepens friendships

In today's world of busyness and urban sprawl, how do people connect? How often do people say, "Let's get together one of these days," but it never happens? Carpathia is that space and place and reason to get together.


Maybe it's meeting at a fest, playing cards on Fridays, or hanging out after practice. Maybe it's going on crazy road trips, or volunteering with the same group of people often enough that it becomes a fun team. It's the things we do together that build relationships.

Presence deepens friendships.

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