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Everyone loves our festivals and events, but since Carpathia is a large club with various ages and interests, new members might not know know where to begin. The easiest way to connect is through our small groups called "Untergruppen."


Play soccer, play an instrument, bake "Kipfel," learn folk dancing, sing in German, try trap shooting and archery - or all of the above!  With many groups to choose from, it's easy to find your interests and find your fit.

Gemischter Chor
(Mixed Choir)

Started in 1913, the choir was the founding group of the Carpathia Club.  Nationally recognized, the Mixed Choir can be heard performing at Carpathia Club functions, local events and national concerts throughout the year. 

Michael Schleis, Choir Leader

The choir practices weekly. Stop in to try it out!


Carpathia Kickers

Originally a Donauschwaben German soccer team, the Carpathia Kickers now welcome everyone interested in the sport. From NPSL Carpathia FC to the club’s men’s leagues, women’s leagues, youth leagues and soccer summer camp - anyone interested in soccer and sportsmanship can find their fit with the Kickers. Connect with other players, families, friends and “old timers” who are some of the club’s biggest fans.


Established in 1952, the Carpathia Kickers are the most successful soccer organization in Michigan having won the U.S. National Amateur Championship, League and State Championships, and National Donauschwäbische Championships. 

Carpathia Kickers Soccer

Carpathia Jäger

Hunting, shooting, and being outdoors with friends are all part of the Carpathia Jäger. This all-ages group has trap shooting competitions in the U.S. and Canada, organized hunts, a summer archery league and monthly pellet shooting competitions.  Along with “Abend nach der Jagd,” euchre parties and a youth outdoor day, they also sponsor a popular banquet each year.

Bob Hammer, Jäger President

Jäger meet the 1st Thursday of each month at 7:00pm

Winners Jaeger King Shoot.JPG

(Seniors Group)

The Carpathia Seniors meet every Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (of course, you can come whenever you like in the morning).  The only requirement is that you are at least 62 years of age. We play cards, and some tables just visit with each other or try to solve the world’s problems.  A luncheon is provided for a small fee. It is said that meeting with friends is great for your health.  So, come join us.  

Helmut Egger, Senior Group President

Tuesday morning seniors.jpg

(Youth Group)

Entertainment and fun are the best words to describe this folk dance group.  The Carpathia Youth Group always impresses audiences with their friendly performances. Most importantly, they build lifelong friendships with each other and dance groups in other cities. Young people from 13 to 24 dance, travel and make friends across the United States and the world. They danced in Germany last year!

Reese Mueller,

Monica Forest,

Carpathia Youth Group

(Childrens Dance Group)

The Kinder dance group ranges in age from 4 to 13 and are very charming.  Another nice thing about the group is that the parents and families get to know each other, too. More than just a dance group, children build friendships and build their confidence while dancing. And it's fun!  

Karin Schultz

Carpathia Kinder Dance

Carpathia Blasmusikanten
(Brass Musicians)

The Carpathia Blasmusikanten are an all-ages brass band with some members currently playing in their high school and college bands. The group performs at functions around Michigan, and has already released a CD with a new live recording available soon!

George Schleis, Group Leader


(Womens Group)

A social and travel group, the Frauengruppe meets each month and enjoys various trips and events - they're always trying something new! The womens group organizes Carpathia bake sales where their Kipfels and desserts are in demand. Learn these classic European recipes! They sponsor a card parties and casino trips where everyone's invited. It's a multi-generational group for women to support and stay connected to each other. 

Irene Dietz, Group Leader

Three generations of women

(Adult Folk Dance Group)

Adults over 21 interested in folk dance and fun should consider the Kulturgruppe.  No dance experience necessary! We will teach you, and you'll be surprised how quickly you'll be dancing. Besides, dance is the excuse to get together to hang out, have a beer, and try something new.

Now is the best time to join. For more information contact Carsten Grotloh via email, or cell 586.255.6527.

Adult Folk Dance

(Start Your Own Interest Group)

Want to start your own interest group? Some start-ups include the Carpathia Trekkers Hiking Group, a Bayern-München Detroit Fan Club and a Traditional Recipes Cooking Class. Invite some friends and start a beer tasting group! Less formal than an "Untergruppe," it's a reason to hang out with friends.

Men  Drinking Beer

Sport, Tradition, Food and Friendship - Please subscribe to the website to keep in touch with Carpathia's sports, events, and small group opportunities.  We appreciate your interest, support and friendship. 

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