"Weizenflur in der Banater Heide" by Stefan Jäger

2020 Carpathia Board and Officers

Interim President and 1st Vice President:  Alex Rausch

2nd Vice President:  Carsten Grotloh

Treasurer:  Karen Venton

Membership Secretary:  Paula Dietz

Press Secretary:  Samantha Sesko

Ticket Chairperson:  MariaDosenberger

Building Manager:  Mike Stampfer

Correspondence Secretary:  Amanda Schwager

Recording Secretary:  Kimmy Furtah

Trustees:  Theresa Nowak, Sue Brandelik, Franz Dosenberger, Anna Marie Tittjung

Contact Us:

Carpathia Club

38000 Utica Road

Sterling Heights, MI  48312


For questions or correspondence for the board, please contact carpathiaclub@comcast.net.  We will be glad to help you.

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Carpathia Club

38000 Utica Road, Sterling Heights, Michigan  48312

(586) 978-2292

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2021 Carpathia Club